4 Common Techniques Used In Physiotherapy That You Should Know

Would you like to know the different techniques used by the physiotherapists in the medical field of physiotherapy? If your answer to the question is a yes, then you must take time to read the list below as it shows some of these techniques used in physiotherapy.


What follows is the list of the common techniques and methods that are used in physiotherapy by a Physio Mona Vale clinic.


  1. Therapeutic Exercises

First of these common techniques for physiotherapy is the therapeutic exercises which are known as a very helpful and effective technique. These therapeutic exercises can help in improving the strength of the muscles, mobilizing all of the joints, enhancing the functional mobility, improving the balance, releasing all the contracted tendons, fascia, and muscles, enhancing the body’s performance, and improving the stability of the joints. Basically, the physiotherapist in a Physio Mona Vale clinic prescribes these therapeutic exercises to the patient and recommends doing and performing it both during clinic sessions and at home. In this way, expect that the patient will heal and recover in a much smaller amount of time.


  1. Interferential Current

Another common technique for physiotherapy is the IFC which stands for Interferential Current. This kind of physiotherapy technique is utilized to help in reducing and relieving the pain, diminishing the swelling, restoring the normal movement of the body, and stimulating the soft tissue’s healing process. The IFC device sends electrical impulses to the body which give the patient a feeling or sensation like needles and pins. This technique commonly lasts from ten up to twenty minutes. However, people who suffer from cancer, who use a pacemaker, and especially, women who are pregnant are not advised to undergo this technique for physiotherapy.


  1. Ultrasound

One more common technique used in physiotherapy by different physiotherapists is the ultrasound which is known as a therapeutic method as well. The ultrasound device is commonly placed directly on the skin of the patient in order to send ultrasonic waves to the body’s tissue. Furthermore, the ultrasound device comes with an ultrasound gel which acts as a lubricant to the device so that it can move smoothly on the skin. This technique commonly takes about three minutes up to five and helps in effective healing, increasing the relaxation of the tissues, improving the motion range, the breakdown of the scar tissues, and improving the flow and circulation of the blood.


  1. Craniosacral Techniques

Last on the list is the craniosacral techniques which involve manual and hands-on methods in order to determine and rectify the body’s imbalances, reduce and alleviate the pressure which is present on the body’s spinal cords and brain, and most importantly, it releases all the problem areas.


To conclude, you have to know that these common techniques listed above are just a few of the many techniques used in physiotherapy. You will get the chance to know and learn the other techniques in physiotherapy if you consider yourself to visit a Physio Mona Vale clinic.