5 Important things to look for in a furniture moving company


Moving can actually be quite an extensive task because of the process of packing, shifting and unpacking. Whatever the situation be, you can’t deny how blessed we are to have furniture movers Auckland in this economy. But, even then, there are quite a few things that one needs to be aware of while choosing their furniture movers. Whatever the circumstances be, it is quite important to ensure that you check off some important things before hiring a moving company for your furniture.

Get recommendations from people

Often times, we run after a low budget and end up stumbling upon the worst companies for the moving. It is also best to trust word of mouth and rely on people who can give you recommendations on which companies to hire and which ones to avoid. If you know someone in your close-knit who recently relocated, ask them for recommendations on which furniture mover they opted for and if they were any good. With these, you will at least have the assurance that you hired a good company for the task.

Online reviews

With the majority of everything based online, if you are opting for some good furniture moving company, type out their names on the online search engines and check their reviews. These will give you an even better insight into the kind of services they provide and if they are any good. These, for the most part, will be unbiased reviews, so you will have an even better idea.

License and insurance

This is possibly one of the most important aspects you need to look out for while locating a furniture moving company. If you are opting for one, make sure that they are licensed and insured form the authorities. If not, if something happens to the furniture, there are chances that they will not end up taking the liability of the same which is pretty destructive.

There can just be a group of people and a moving truck and call themselves a company but them not being insured end up providing with no protection to your furniture if, by chance, anything happens to it.


One of the other things to look out for in the movers is the rate they are charging. It is quite mandatory that they charge something minimal and not out the range. There are standard and transparent rates that are common for them which is what one should abide by. If the same is not the case with your mover, it is better to opt for the next best option.

Beware of the rogue

Fraudulency is common in this business too. It is why it is important to check and cross-check everything without fail. If you want your possessions transported safely to you, it is quite necessary to ensure that you stick to the same and scrutinize the company before relying on.

Furniture moving is an extensive and delicate process which is why it is necessary to ensure that one invests their time and money properly and judicially.