Asanas that can help to cope up with hair loss

Our unhealthy and stressful lifestyle is damaging our hair health. Starting from one hair strand on your pillow to encountering huge hair fall the process gets fasten up because of a lot of factors. Hair fall can occur because of hormonal disorder, stress, drugs, diseases, bad intake of food, hair dyes, smoking, genetic disorder and many more. Asanas have been helping people to get rid of several chronic and which is why one can definitely try it out when it comes to dealing with hair loss.


So in this article, we will be discussing some of the most effective asanas that you can try out and prevent hair loss for women.


  1. Vajrasana: For performing this asana you will have to keep your back straight and sit on the floor. Try to stretch the legs in the front direction. Place the palms down and hands on the side of your body. Now you will have to fold the legs slowly one after another and then rest your thighs on the legs. Your entire weight should be resting on the ankles. You will have to keep the hands on the thighs and try to breathe and relax while doing this. While you are returning to the original position you will have to straighten the legs slowly. Make sure you are doing this asana after you take your meal.


  1. Sarvangasana: For performing this asana you will have to lie properly on the floor and stretch out the legs. Then you will have to hold the legs slowly and try to raise them in the straight direction. While doing this you will have to use your hands for supporting the hips and back and try to raise the body properly by maintaining a proper balance on the shoulders. Always ensure that the elbows are touching the floor. While doing this you will have to breathe evenly and then bring the chin near to your chest. While returning to the original position make sure you are breathing slowly and then try to lie in the flat position again.


  1. Sasangasana: For performing this asana you will have to sit down on the floor with the knees and rest on the heels. Then you will have to firmly place the hands behind your body and claps the heels. Try to move in the forward direction until the head is touching the floor. Try to breathe evenly while you are trying to raise the hips. Try to stay in that position for at least five breaths. While returning to the starting position try to exhale slowly.


These asanas are very simple to perform and once you start doing it you can notice a visible change. It is true that the result won’t be visible overnight so you will have to perform it in a routine manner. Apart from performing these asanas as you need to know what is the reason behind your hair fall and take proper medication and food.