How does a heat pump operate?


What can be the right function of a heat pump? This is the main thing that must be cleared before entering deep into the subject. In fact, a heat pump is a device or tool that helps to use a small amount of energy to move the heat from one place to another one. The device is quite essential and vital. It mainly pulls the heat out of the air or ground to heat the room or office or building whichever is required. At the same time, it can also be used to cool the same area. In fact, the heat pump Fujitsu is quite famous and reputed.  Now let’s have a look at its operating procedures.

Step 1:

There is a liquid refrigerant that is pumped with the help of an expansion device at the indoor coil that functions as the evaporator. The air that is present inside the house is blown out through the coils where the heat energy is absorbed with the help of a refrigerant. Now the cool air is blown out throughout the home or room. This process of absorbing heat energy has enabled the liquid refrigerant to heat up and evaporate into a gas form.

Step 2:

Now the gaseous refrigerant passes through a compressor that mainly pressurizes the gas. This process of pressurizing the gas has enabled the gas to heat up very easily. Now the hot and pressurized refrigerant moves through the system to the coil mainly in the outdoor unit.

Step 3:

There is a fan in the outdoor unit that moves outside across the coils. They always serve as the condenser coils in the cooling mode. As the air outside is always cooler than the hot compressed gas refrigerant in the coil so the heat is mainly transferred from the refrigerator to the outside air. During this time, it is noticed that the refrigerant condenses back into a liquid state at the time of cooling. Now, this warm liquid refrigerant is mainly pumped through the system to the expansion valve mainly at the outdoor units.

Step 4:

The expansion valve that is present in the device reduces the pressure of the warm liquid refrigerant that cools it very nicely. In this state it is noticed that the refrigerant is in a cool and liquid state and it is already ready to be pumped back to the evaporator coil that is present in the indoor unit for starting a new cycle again.

So, with the help of these steps one can easily understand the proper working of a heat pump. The process is quite simple and easily. It may appear to be a complicated one, but there is nothing such tough things present in the whole process. In fact, a heat pump has made the whole process very easy before the people. They are abundantly used by the people. There are many companies that are indulged in the invention of standard or good heat pumps.