Stoush over $17.5 million leak repair bill

Residents of a central Auckland leaky apartment building are facing a $17.5 million repair bill and are desperate to have it resolved.

But a stoush has broken out with a property development company over who should pay what and the project has hit a wall.

The Herald understands that leaks were first discovered around balcony areas at the Luna Apartments in the Auckland suburb of Grafton in 2011.

An initial quote of $3m was given to repair the building, which apartment owners would pay for.

But in November last year, residents were hit with a bombshell when they were told that the entire building would need to be re-clad at a cost of at least $17.5m.

Architects designed a “curtain” structure that would cover all but one side of the building in glass. The Herald understands that the average cost to residents would be $150,000 each.

The apartment’s body corporate held its AGM on Wednesday night, where the majority of residents voted in favour of the plan.

But real estate private equity firm Lamont & Co, which owns 53 carparks in the complex, opposed it. Lamont would have been required to pay $800,000 under the proposal.

Because Lamont has separate titles for each of its carparks, its had 53 votes out of a total of 175.

Lamont, which is owned by brothers Tim and Andrew Lamont, are due to later this year start work on 75 apartments, SKHY, situated next to Luna Apartments.

Auckland boat trailer

Are you looking for a Boat Trailer in Auckland? Then buy from only a reliable and reputable manufacturer. You can find the best boat trailer from 900 pounds to 12,000-pound capacity trailers as they offer the best performance, functionality, and reliability. The reputable companies build the trailers with the best materials and follow strict quality standards to make sure that it is safe to use in the water. The best boat trailer also comes with completely-adjustable bunk and it should fit your requirements.  The adjustable running gear is also one of the important features that you should not ignore at all. Also, the best boat trailer contains lube grease and plug wiring system with submersible lights, which makes it the best choice when you want to buy the boat trailer.

Boat trailers have to deal with some of the rough conditions as you put the trailer in salt water, and you park it in a mud and also, it should deal with all kinds of weather conditions all around the year. Also, the best boat trailer has to offer rigorous hull-support on the road easy unloading and loading at the edge of the water.  If you are looking for a heavy-duty boat trailer, then look for Load Rite Trailers as it contains aluminum and strong galvanized frames, which is considered as the strongest trailer available on the market.  Load Rite Boat Trailer comes with outstanding durability and rust resistance and the advanced components provided by the manufacturers can protect and secure your trailer at every segment of the operation.

When purchasing a boat trailer, many people feel that the price is a very important factor to consider.  But, in fact, you should not consider price as a vital factor, though it is because there are more other important things that you need to consider than the price. The important aspects include the trailer parts of the boat, changes that you want to do to your boat to fit the trailer appropriately. The other aspects include servicing cost, and the durability of the components of the trailer, including how it withstands the climatic conditions. All these can help you determine the value of the trailer. If you look only the price, in a few years, you will end up spending more money than you anticipated.

After using the trailer for several years, then it needs servicing, you may have to replace brakes, tires, wiring, wheels, and other parts. That is why it is important to do a bit of research to verify the accessibility of replacement parts, and also the cost of the trailer. Also, it is important to check the replacement parts are not hard or rare to get.  You should make sure that service location should also be near to your place as it can be convenient.

If you buy a trailer that is designed specifically for your boat, then you don’t need to make any modifications, otherwise, modifications are necessary to fit the trailer to your boat. To make these modifications, you may have to re-weld the bunk support by cutting it and by repositioning the support.  Roller trailers can be easily accustomed to fit your boat. That is why investing on the high-quality boat trailer is worth every penny.





Plumber North Shore – 3


Plumber North Shore is a Plumbing service that has been providing efficient plumbing services in the entire North Shore area. If you have urgent plumbing problems to attend, the call plumber North Shore for quick and efficient plumbing solutions.  They can solve any plumbing issues, including blocked toilets, hot water systems issues, blocked drains, burst pipes, leaking taps, and so on.  The service provider can take care of a large range of plumbing issues for residential and commercial clients across the North Shore.

The Plumber North Shore service providers provide a team of emergency plumbers who are professionals and efficient workers and who can assist you immediately if you have any emergency plumbing issues and breakdowns. They can provide after hour services and immediate emergency services instantly. The plumbers are always ready to attend your urgent plumbing needs.

At North Shore, the plumbers are all graduated from plumbing course, and they provide latest and efficient plumbing services. They have friendly and efficient staff and offers affordable services. They make sure that all their customer’s plumbing needs are handled with care and provide efficient and long-lasting solutions.  The service provider provides outstanding customer service, and they make sure that the staff work along with them and ensure to provide high-quality and modern solutions for all the plumbing problems and meet the standards. The plumbing services are available 24/7.

The Emergency Service Include:

  • Flooding and Leaks
  • Emergency call out work
  • Broken and Burst Pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Overflows
  • Higher pressure water jetting
  • The Plumber North Shore services offers CCTV drain Camera Services

The services they provide:

  • General Maintenance
  • Water Blasting
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Rainwater Tanks/ Water Tanks
  • A TMVT Servicing and Testing
  • Leaking taps/toilet – concrete cutting
  • CCTV Drain Inspection/ Renovations Blocked drains/ irrigation
  • GPS (General Plumbing Services)
  • Guttering
  • TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valves) installed
  • Concrete Cutting
  • CCTV Drain Inspection/Blocked Drains/ Rainwater Tanks/ Irrigation, water tanks
  • Leaking toilets or taps repaired
  • General storm water drainage
  • Kitchen Plumbing and Renovations
  • Drain Relining and more

The Plumber at North Shore is one of the leading plumbing services that offers completely dependable services in the areas of commercial and residential service, installation, and maintenance. The service provider offers competitive pricing, experienced plumbers, and provides efficient and quick services.  They offer complete plumbing solutions for any type of plumbing issues.

The Plumbers at North Shore provides affordable and efficient services as they attend the plumbing need on time and they work with you and  help your relax while they take care of the problems immediately.  You can call them and ask for a free quote so that you can compare the prices with other services so that you can choose the best, affordable and most efficient plumbing services.

The Plumber North Shore offer the Services:

  • Rust
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Toilet Repairs
  • Drain Relining
  • Jet Blasting
  • Installations
  • Flooding
  • Blocked Sewers & Drains
  • Leaks
  • Boilers
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Licensed plumber
  • Estimates and Quotations and more



Bringing you the best service

design : inlay : mosaics : painting : illustration : product design : landmarks : Interior and exterior sculptures

The highest standard of creative output with the intention to enlighten, communicate and deliver function through the intricate involvement of structure, material, style and detail.

Organized around its principles, Orbit Design operates independently or collaboratively according to the project.

What is the need for AV hire Auckland?


When you are planning an event selecting an appropriate AV can be a tough task. AV hire Auckland offer tools and staff which are a best and easy solution. By working with the outside provider, meeting planners can save costs and expect wonderful services. So, if you are still not clear with the need of AV provider and things to consider while hiring one of them then this is an article which will clear all your doubt and will help you to get the best AV rentals in Auckland.

Why do we need outside AV provider in Auckland?

The latest tools and technology is offered-

Outside AV rentals service purchase new equipment as well as phase out the older product. So, if you hire then you are more likely to get better equipment and they will prove to be your better partner in the event. Even if you do not require the newest laptop, projector, an AV company still will have many options so you can select the model that meets your needs.

Onsite technician dedicated toward your event-

In-house AV provider at the hotels is responsible for the multiple events taking place in the same venue. By bringing in the AV provider you can pay for granted support for your event. So, if you have more than one event at the same venue, hiring the same technician via the preferred AV provider will enable you to get the desired help.

Experience & coordinate multiple events-

It is true that the AV providers provide support for more than one event in the same location, the best method to make sure you get consistent service is to hire the AV Company who is expert in nationwide event coordination.

Last minute addition will be easy to manage-

We carefully plan a program but somehow we miss something and we need last minute additions. In-house AV provider has a store of tools onsite, but it may be in use in another venue event. Hence, outside hiring AV provider which offers last time request or addition to the customer must be hired.

No surprise fees included after the event-

Booking the event with the outside AV provider is beneficial as there are never included surprise costs after the event. A good AV provider always asks or takes approval before making changes and you never get surprised or extra charges issues.

We hope that all your doubts regarding the need for AV hire Auckland and its need is cleared. If you are going to organize an event then look for the best AV provider which have all the equipment, skilled technician, best pricing and offer the best services. If you search on the web then you can compare the facility of one AV provider with another and make a better decision. Be careful and check the background and the experience of the company before hiring them as there are some beginners in the field which may not be able to satisfy your needs. So, first determine your needs, compare and then hire them.


A guide to buying the perfect diamond engagement rings


Engagement is a pretty special and momentous moment in every relationship. While every person wants their partner to have the best diamond rings there is, it is not always possible. Given the fact that there are budget and a number of other things involved in the process of buying an engagement ring, it is always best to not just go by the heart but be technical and practical too while buying a ring for their partner because let’s be real, it’s not going to be easy on your bank account.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the tips one needs to keep in mind while buying the perfect set of engagement rings.

Know the C’s:

When buying diamonds, the first thing you need to know is the 4 important Cs when it comes to making the purchase. These include – colour, cut clarity and carat. Once you have had the concept about these 4 Cs sorted out in your head, the next thing you need to do is deduce which C is the most important one for you. If budget and everything surrounding it are not that important for you, go out of your way and get the best of everything.

Pick a metal:

Now, you can’t just stud the diamond on your partner’s finger, now, can you? Possibly not! This is where you need to select a metal for the band of the ring. While gold and platinum are the most common go to for the same, there are options that you can choose from. Reach out to your local merchant to seek advice on which one will look the best and which ones fit your budget too. If you want, try out white or rose gold, these are the ones in trend right now for engagement rings.

Choose the setting:

The next thing to consider while buying the ring is to choose the setting for the same. The setting not just holds your diamond in place; it also helps accentuate its beauty and amplified its level of protection of the precious stone. The main types of settings that you are commonly used include prong, bezel, and halo. Choose the one that you feel will suit best with your choice of cut and shape of the diamond.

Check out the reflectivity:

The diamond is known for its beautiful sheen and reflecting properties. If you are on the lookout for the very best kind of your ring to surprise your partner with, it is necessary to ensure that the one you get leaves your partner bedazzled and that is something that comes from the shine and reflects. View the ring under different lighting condition for the maximum benefit of the doubt and if it passes the entire test, buy it!

Engagement rings should always be put a lot of thought and effort into. If you are here willing to surprise your partner, it is necessary you do it right and when it comes to buying diamonds, be very careful and judge through every step.