The right way to start your cake shop Auckland


Startup wave has hit the Auckland which has allowed bakers to open their cake shop Auckland. If you are a killer baker who has skills to bake delicious and mouth-watering cakes then make baking your profession. You don’t have to be a professional baker to start your bakery. All you need is passion and creativity to design cakes that attract everyone. So, make baking your profession with our guide. Check out everything that you will need to start your bakery.

Recipe for cake shop Auckland

  1. A business plan

A business starts with a plan that serves as a blueprint. Your business plan starts with a decision on budget distribution. Decide the initial cost like rent place, cost of necessary bakery equipment and others. While deciding the cost you should also include the additional costs as well.

  1. Bakery location

A good location will help you boost your cake shop Auckland. The ideal location is the market area where other high-end street shops are present. Also, easily accessible shops are only preferred by customers so make sure that your shop is not outside the city or local area. The location should have easy water supply and another facility that help you run the cake shop smoothly. Get the legal agreement and license.

  1. Get a business license

To open a cake shop Auckland you need a business license from the government of Auckland. You will get an annual license for the shop which needs renewals every year with a small fee. While registering your bakery you have to fill the bakery’s name in which you will run the shop. Take sales permit as well.

  1. Manpower

You will need more bakers and staff like a delivery boy, a cashier, helpers, and others for a startup. Decide how much manpower you need, what will be their salary?

  1. Get the equipment

Kitchen equipment for bakery is expensive but long-lasting. What is the major equipment you will need? A working table, oven, deep fridge, mixers, cooling fridge and more, get everything.

  1. Display area

The display area should be such that it attracts every walk-in customer. Keep a detailed display with each cake displayed with their price. Think of unique names for the cakes and use a glass display to make the cakes visible.  Always keep that area clean and keep only fresh cakes in your cake shop Auckland.

So these were the basic to start your bakery in Auckland. However, marketing partis the most important. To reach to customers all over the city and even outside the city, use social media platform. Design a website for your bakery and display speciality of your shops. Hire a professional food photographer who will take beautiful and attractive pictures of the cakes. Also, use discounts offer to attract more buyers.

However, above all the taste and quality of cakes will make you the best bakers in Auckland. Always try to bring something creative recipes to make your cake shop Auckland stand higher than others.