Types of cattery boarding services you can avail


If you are in need of boarding services for your cat in case you are going outs of town, have to go for a work trip or anything else; then fret not, as there are a number of Auckland cattery services are now available to take up the responsibility of looking after your cat.

Types of Boarding & Services you should look for:

Try to look for the personalized services which are custom arranged according to the needs of your cat. It means that your cat gets its own space which corresponds to its age, personality, agility as well as medical needs. Here are a few things that the staff should be aware of while introducing the cat to its new space.

  • When your cat arrives, the experienced and trained staff should take care of introducing it to its new home.
  • It should be monitored while it lets itself get settled in. This is to ensure that all its needs are met and it gets comfortable in its new space.
  • When your cat has made itself at home then it should be released to go have fun and play with the other cats who hang out in the outside areas. It will be able to come and go when it wants and as it pleases.
  • The first time your cat will be out mingling with other cats should also be monitored to ensure that the socialization process is a success and also to make sure that your cat knows the way home.

The daily routine

  • Your cat should be given a breakfast that will be accompanied by a cuddle to start off its day. Then it will be free to go out and play around in the morning rather than being kept.
  • Then during its playtime, your cat should be free to play around with toys, tunnels, the cat runs or enjoy the hammocks which are laid out. Or if your cat isn’t in the mood for play then it can rest inside and scratch the posts, play with catnip or it can just stay in bed. Basically, it can do whatever it wants.
  • Playtime extends it around 4:30, then they are called back in again. Then they are given their dinner which is accompanied by a snuggle and pat as well.
  • No matter what are the lights off timing, but cats shouldn’t suffer in the darkness and to comfort them, there should be something.


You can opt from the food preferences, which are generally available in two variations:

Dry food: It contains a mix of premium biscuits and provides to adults, kittens or seniors mixes. The staff can provide premium options for cats who require oral care or sensitive kibbles.

Wet food: They must have a good stock and range of tinned cat food which comes from popular brands.

Cattery Auckland provides boarding for cats in and around that area.

So if are looking for a reliable, reputed and trustworthy cattery then you know how to reach them, Google maybe!