What is considered the most by car wreckers Auckland?


Have you recently sold your car to car wreckers Auckland? Are you curious about what they will do your car? Well, say goodbye for the last time to your beloved vehicle because it will now embark a long journey. In this post, you will understand the workflow of car wreckers Auckland and we will tell you why their work is so important.

Whom do we call as wreckers?

Wreckers are professional car rippers. They will dismantle your car with care and will extract whatever useful thing they can find in your old piece of metal. The parts which are completely damaged and there is no hope of getting them fixed are sold. For instance parts like the bumper, chassis, and internal components. These parts are not thrown away in dumpsters, rather they are recycled. Moreover, they don’t let the vehicle rust. They dispose of them with huge care and keeping environment conservation in mind.

Most of the parts of the car can be reused but the parts which are either recycled or resold are:

  • Engine
  • Transmission system
  • Alloy wheels
  • Seats
  • Parts of the exhaust system
  • Mirrors
  • Headlight, taillight, and blinkers
  • Windows which are not damaged

What car wreckers Auckland do is identify the working parts, extract them and use them. They know that only some parts stop working while others can still be used.

What does car wreckers Auckland do with the remaining parts?

Parts like usable components, electronics and leftover fluids are removed. Then the car shell is sent for further processing. They will take out parts like wires, air conditioner etc. Then the vehicle is morphed into a cubic structure by crushing it with a huge hydraulic press, and then it will cover its journey to an industrial shredder. Then the car is shredded down into small chunks and sent to mill.

What is the importance of car wreckers?

Car wreckers not only help to save space by disposing of your old car but it is also good for the environment. The process of recycling reusable components saves natural resources as well as the energy required to extract them from minerals. They prevent the disposal of harmful fluids in the fields which could contaminate the entire piece of land.

On the other hand, car wreckers Auckland is useful for customers as well. They provide money for the parts they take which are of no use to you. Also, people who are in search of a refurbished vehicle can contact them which will be very economically efficient for them.

How to convert your car into cash in three easy steps?

  1. Call the car wreckers and they will pick up the car from your doorstep.
  2. Accept the offer they provide for your old car
  3. Get paid at the same moment they pick your car.

While other wreckers charge for the towing fee, car wreckers Auckland don’t even ask for a single penny for towing services.