What You Need to Start a Home Staging Business


If you have a creative eye for interior styles and decorating and would like to make money with your skill to build a business, Home Staging Business is an ideal work to consider. You can start with the small investment of time, skills and money, making it a great part-time to the full-time gig or something to do on the side until this business grows enough to support you financially. As if you are planning to be a home stager then first of you need a great sense of creative designs, decoration and space management as well. A certified and experienced person can do amazing marketing along with a great staging work as well.

Nowadays everyone wants a well decorated and furnished house because in the fast and busy life don’t allow them to do all these work with their own hand. That’s why they contact a real estate agent for some good assistance. Home stagers can simply join with the property agents and establish their own business in the same field. As we know that every job or business has its own pros, cons, and requirements for good establishment. HomeStaging Business also has the following ones.

Pros of a Home Staging Business:

  • Very low startup costs – no inventory to carry and minimal supplies with good outcomes.
  • Services can be on demand whether the real estate market is strong or weak does not matter.
  • No licensing or specialized training required if you have a great vision and skills of decoration and art.
  • Ease of marketing through great networking with property Realtors, Mortgage brokers and others involved in real estate.

Cons of a Home Staging Business:

  • You’ll need to find a way to get potential clients to have faith in your skills and your advice in order to maintain your portfolio.
  • You have to work on weekends and/or evenings, as many of your clients will only be able to meet and discuss their requirements with you during those times.

How to start the Home Staging Business:

  • Learn about your local real estate market. Determine what in present time what is the trend of interior and what is the taste of buyers for the home.
  • Prepare a portfolio of homes you’ve staged. You can start by doing your home. Fresher can develop their effective portfolio by providing cost free home staging for a friend or a Realtor for in exchange for portfolio items and referrals.
  • Although you don’t need any special training or certifications, interior design courses can give you credibility and expertise in your business.
  • Good communication skills are the great requirement to convince prospects to sign on and to handle objections or concerns from clients.
  • Resources for home decor. It’s possible the home will be empty and you’ll need to rent furniture. Or that the home owner’s items need to be supplemented with or exchanged for items that make the home more appealing to buyers.
  • Energy and willingness to work hard which can include cleaning, moving furniture, painting etc.